Care Coordination

Quality care often involves bringing in specialists from different branches of the eldercare network. Besides medical practitioners, many others are able to help you at home to achieve your highest level of health and well-being.

Whether you are dealing with issues about aging or are a younger adult who cannot be as active and independent as you would like, we listen to your priorities, consider your clinical needs, and make recommendations appropriate to your situation (e.g., recent hospital discharge, changes in a chronic condition, caring for an elderly parent with Alzheimer’s).

We work with an extensive network of high-quality professionals and can assemble a team tailored to your specific situation.

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Skilled Nursing Facilities and Nursing Homes

Often a way station between hospital and a discharge to home, a skilled nursing facility provides 24/7 medical attention until your health is stabilized and less vigilance is needed. There are many members of the care team, each with specific roles. Nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities are highly regulated by Medicare, so they must develop and follow a care plan for each resident, no matter how short the stay.

 We can help you select the highest quality nursing home that will meet your needs and the needs of family members who wish to visit. We attend the care meetings and know who to contact for which types of care. We provide accountability and make requests for modification if any part of your stay is not up to standard. Did they say a dietician was to be brought in, but none arrived? We’ll make sure they follow through. Were you to receive speech therapy twice a day, but it’s happening only once? We’ll take care of it.

We will arrange for you to be discharged to home as soon as possible so you can recover with the appropriate support in the comfort of where you will heal best.

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Home Healthcare

Once you are in the comfort of your home following a stay in the hospital or skilled nursing facility, you may still want a little extra help until you are feeling more confident in your regular routines.

We can arrange for RNs and physical, occupational, and speech therapists to visit to provide additional support and personal care until you feel more comfortable. Medicare and other insurance plans will cover these services for a short time through Medicare-certified home health agencies. Care Collective can connect you with the highest quality private providers outside of the Medicare system when other Medicare services are exhausted or inadequate to meet your needs. This can also include dieticians and meal services, personal caregivers, housekeepers, and organizers.

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As Bette Davis so aptly put it, “aging ain’t for sissies.” The challenges of aging can sometimes be difficult to process emotionally. Whether it’s loss of one’s health or abilities, loss of friends or a spouse, feeling a loss of purpose, or the indignities of ageism, there are times when a professional counselor can help you gain insights and find strategies to navigate the transitions before you. We can help you find a therapist you are comfortable with. 

Family caregivers also need emotional support. Caring for an ailing parent or relative can be very stressful and demanding. Old issues from the past arise, and family discord is quite common. You may feel anger, resentment, and then guilt. You are not alone! Let us help you process your changing role so you can achieve inner equilibrium and stay resilient through the caregiving journey.

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Caregiving in the final stages of life can be incredibly hard. It can also be incredibly meaningful. Hospice is a type of end-of-life care, covered by Medicare, that offers an interdisciplinary team of professionals to support you through life’s last transition.

We guide you through the steps to get started with the best hospice providers available. We make sure that your care is always centered around your wishes. Beyond professional support, we can provide a nurse for oversight and accountability. We can also recommend 24/7 at-home caregivers not provided under the Medicare hospice benefit.

Dying is much more than a medical act. It is an emotional and spiritual process that deserves sensitivity and compassionate support. Whether you have family or not, we are with you the whole way so you can trust that you will receive the care you want. No one should die alone.

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