Family Caregiver Challenges

Families come in all shapes and sizes. Some live close, some far away. Some are in sync with each other. Sometimes siblings are at odds. It may be that you and your parent have a strained relationship, based on the past or current time. You are not alone!

Even families with smooth relationships find that the changes of aging are taxing. Roles and responsibilities shift. Adult children are worried about safety. Older adults want to continue to live independently. There may be disagreements about whether help is even needed. When Alzheimer’s or other cognitive impairments are involved, family dynamics become even more challenging.

Caring for a loved one takes time. A fall may suddenly sideline your mom, and you now need to jump in and care of her, picking up the slack at her home with meals and housekeeping. But what about your own job and family? Your dad may have just had a stroke and now cannot live alone. How will you find a high-quality housing arrangement for him and get him moved and settled while also juggling the deadlines in your professional life? Feeling anxious, angry, resentful, and even guilty, is very common—and understandable.

Relief is possible
Care Collective helps lighten the load. We bring our expansive expertise and knowledge of local resources to your situation. Our professional perspective provides a combination of education and insight. We can assist in dividing tasks more equitably between siblings. We can coordinate a family meeting or offer support with dementia strategies aligned to your loved one’s level of cognitive impairment. We are here to offer support in the ways that are most beneficial to you.

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