Medical Advocacy

The U.S. healthcare system comprises a complex array of providers who try to network with each other but essentially operate as their own private businesses. As a patient or family member, it is nearly impossible to navigate all the various systems, especially when they do not communicate well with one another!

Our medical advocacy steps in to help.
You benefit from our more than forty years of combined experience. As a nurse and social worker team, we apply a holistic approach to the biological, psychological, and social realities of aging or disability. We know where the gaps are, and we make sure to bridge them so you do not fall through the cracks in a system that is siloed and frustrating.

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Medical Advocacy When Working with Physicians

It’s important that you have a primary care physician whose judgment you trust. Also, that any specialists you see are working together as a team. A patient advocate helps coordinate all the moving parts:

  • Are all the specialists talking effectively with each other?
  • Do they know what your priorities are in terms of treatment and quality of life?
  • Are they able to see you in a timely manner? At home, if you are unable to get to the office?

As your advocate, we get to know your medical history, personal values, and priorities. Good health, after all, is a means to continue to do the activities that bring you joy. This is the very definition of quality of life. We care deeply about it and strive to ensure your voice is heard during your one-on-one time with your doctors. As a rule, they do not have the option to see you at home and gain an understanding of your lifestyle, your preferences, what motivates you to get up in the morning. We do!

We make sure that you are seeing the correct specialists, that details do not fall through the cracks, and that you receive the treatments you want and are entitled to.

A more personalized experience with your physician. We work with a select group of concierge doctors and teams who do house calls. Because our bar for quality is very high, you can be seen by providers we deem to be the most thorough, up to date, and holistic in their understanding of aging, health, and wellness.

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Your Patient Advocate in the Hospital

Hospitals are very busy and are struggling with a labor shortage that is not predicted to let up as boomers enter their seventies and eighties. How can you know that your needs are being thoroughly addressed? This is where our advocacy services come in.

  • Is your medication list accurate?
  • Are they paying attention to all your conditions?
  • Are you being subjected to unnecessary tests? Are they missing important ones?
  • Is wellness being sacrificed for hospital risk management?
  • Is your release from the hospital thoroughly and appropriately coordinated?

Too often the hospital team is focused on the specific reason you were admitted and forgets to treat the whole person. Our holistic approach ensures that your comfort and optimal healing are prioritized.

As a nurse and social worker team, we understand the operations of the hospital and what should be done to improve health and wellness. For instance, walking several times a day as soon as it is feasible, appropriate pain management, and allowing for uninterrupted sleep. If the hospital staff is unable to accommodate your needs, we will arrange for other assistance to be sure your well-being is supported and that you will have a strong recovery.

We can help prevent a return to the hospital. From 11% to 28% of hospitalized patients have to be readmitted within thirty days of discharge. Either they were discharged before they were fully stabilized, or support at home was not robust enough to manage the patient’s fragile state. Put our clinical expertise to work to ensure you have accurate medication lists, a follow-up appointment with relevant doctors, and plans in place to nip an emerging problem in the bud.

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